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We are in the process of re-writing our documentation to make it more clearer, easier and up to date with our latest plugins. You can find the list of documentations available here. Please note that not all plugins have had the documentation written yet, as we are continuously adding features to the plugins and so […]

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Card Reader Check

We have created a little useful link which you can go on to check if your current credit/debit card reader will work with our Point of Sale plugin. The link can be found here or by visiting Simply plug in your card reader and then swipe any card with a magnetic strip. If the result […]

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Trying Our Plugins

We do not have free versions of our plugins but we do have a dedicated demo site for you to try out our main plugins. These are: WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager WooCommerce Custom Status & Actions WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters WooCommerce Payment Status You can find log in using the following credentials:  

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