Use these basic setup steps to get your Customer Relationship Manager plugin up and running.


Download and install the plugin

You will need to download the plugin ZIP file from your Downloads page. Once you’ve got the ZIP file, login to your WordPress site and then go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Click on Choose File and locate the ZIP file you downloaded and click Open. Once it’s uploaded and activated, you are ready.

This is assuming you have WooCommerce already installed and activated.


Configure the type of customers to load

  • Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to Customers > Settings > General and you can view the configurations of the plugin.
  • Scroll to the Fetch Customers section and select the User Roles that want to appear in the customers table.
  • If you want to disable your Guest Customers you would need to check the box that allows you to view these customers.
  • There are instructions and tool tips for each field required as well as the other chapters in this documentation.


Define the status of the customers

There are several ways a customer can be added to your database. This includes purchasing from your online store, registering on your store as a user account and manually adding.

  • Go to Customers > Settings > Default Status.
  • Click on the process and then choose which status should be applied to the customer.
  • Click on Save Changes to apply the status rules.