Enhance the workflow of your bespoke orders through WooCommerce using the Order Status & Actions manager plugin by Actuality Extensions.

Getting started

Learn the basics of enhancing your order workflow of your online store.

Get help with setting up Order Status & Actions manager

Adding an order status

Create your own order status to form a store based order management workflow.

Get help with setting up your order status

Status styles

Visualise your order management workflow using colours, icons and viewing styles.

Learn how to style your order status

Email notifications

Define the recipients and contents of the email notification that is sent when an order has been assigned a custom status.

Configure the email notifications of your order status

Customer permissions

Permit what customers can and cannot do to the order when this status is assigned.

Set what permissions customers have to the order

Product behaviour

Permit downloads, disable editing and increase / decrease stock when a status is assigned.

Set the behaviour of the products when status is assigned

Action settings

Define at which point in the order management workflow should the actions to assign the order status be shown.

Decide on when the actions should be shown


Automate the order workflow by introducing time intervals at when order statuses are assigned.

Learn how to automate your workflow

Gateway behaviour

Set a default order status after successful transactions for each payment gateway.


Google Cloud Printing

Send orders to print as when an order status is assigned. This is done through the cloud using Google Cloud Print.