Define at which point in the order management workflow should the actions to assign the order status be shown.

Default actions

  • Default actions are provided by WooCommerce as default. These include Processing and Completed.
  • You can choose to display both, either or none. Select which actions are shown from the Default Actions found under the Action tab.

Action visibility

  • Select the statuses that are required before this status is allowed for assignment to an order.
  • For example, the baking and delivery of an order cannot take place if is not prepared. Therefore, the baking status will require the order to have the order status prepared.
  • You can choose more than one status requirement.

Action permissions

  • Shop managers can permit who can assign a particular order status to the order and who can assign a particular order status from the order.
  • To define who can change the status from the custom status, select the users in To Unassign found under the Actions tab.
  • To define who can change to this order status, select the user or users in To Assign found under the Actions tab.
  • By default, these fields are left blank which means anyone with shop order permissions can change assign or unassign this order status.

Bulk actions

  • To remove the option to bulk assign the order status from the orders page, go to the settings page of the order status and check the box found under Action > Hide Bulk Actions.
  • Users can still assign this order status from the order details page.

Order note prompt

  • Shop managers can display a note modal box whenever the order status is assigned.
  • To enable this feature, go to the settings page of the order status and check the box Order Note Prompt found under the Action tab.
  • The order note can be private or public to the customer.
  • The order note prompt will only appear when you click the action button.