Define the recipients and contents of the email notification that is sent when an order has been assigned a custom status.

Enabling email notification

An email may be required when an order has been assigned a particular status. You can configure this and what is sent in this email from the Email tab found under the custom order status settings page.

  • Check the box for Email Notification found under the Email tab of the order status setting.
  • Choose the type of email which is to be sent to the recipient.
  • Select the recipient out of Customer, Administrator, Administrator & Customer or a Custom Email Address.
  • Define the name of the sender in the From Name field.
  • Define the email address of the sender in the From Email Address. Be sure to use a valid email as some recipients may block invalid domains.
  • Define the subject of the email in the Email Subject field.
  • The heading is in the body of the email, similar to the headings found in standard emails. For example, this could by Your order is out for delivery as shown in the email below.
Our plugin does not allow you to create templates, all email options are configured from the order status settings page.

Order information

  • To include the order information in the email, check the box found under Email > Order Information.
  • This will include billing and shipping address, contact details, order items and order totals.

Include custom message

  • To include a custom message in the email, check the box found under Email > Custom Message.
  • You will be presented with a text area with a visual editor.
  • You can use shortcodes to display information from the order such as billing, shipping and general order details. To do this, click on the Cart Icon within the toolbox of the visual editor, then choose out of the category of shortcodes.
  • Tracking integration with the official WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugin is also supported.