Permit downloads, disable editing and increase / decrease stock when a status is assigned.

Permit downloads

  • Enable and permit downloads when a custom order status is assigned to an order.
  • To configure this, go to the settings page of the order status you wish to permit downloads for.
  • Check the box found under Product > Downloads Permitted.

Item editing

  • Shop managers can disable the editing capability once an order has been assigned a particular order status.
  • This can be configured by going to the status settings of the order status and checking the box found under Product > Item Editing.

Product stock behaviour

  • You can dictate at which point in the order workflow should the stocks of the products be affected or not affected.
  • To define this setting, go to the settings page of the order status where stock behaviour will be influenced.
  • Go to Product > Stock Status and choose out of No affection to stock level, reduce stock levels or restore stock levels.