Manage the locations in which you sell your products in including the assigning of cashiers and reporting.

Creating an outlet

Before you create a register, you need to create an outlet where this register is located.

  • Form the WordPress sidebar, go to Point of Sale > Outlets.
  • Fill in the form and enter the fields required.
  • We recommend you put the address details so that tax can be calculated.
  • Contact and social details are printed on the receipt which is printed at the end of each sale.

Assigning a user to an outlet

  • To assign a user to a certain outlet, you need to go their profile page.
  • This is similar to the Edit My Profile link when hovering over your username.
  • On the profile page, there is a heading labelled Point of Sale and there you can select which outlet this user is assigned to.
At this moment of time, you can only assign one user to one outlet.

Viewing reports of an outlet

This plugin utilises the reporting function that comes with WooCommerce. We have a dedicated tab that shows all reporting related to the Point of Sale, including outlets.

  • Go to WooCommerce > Reports > POS > Sales by outlet.
  • You can click on Export CSV to download the data and use it elsewhere.
  • You can change the range from Year, Last Month, This Month, Last 7 Days or you can select a Custom Range.