Hello, we have exciting new updates to share with you including the release of the new 5.0 update for WooCommerce Point of Sale. ?

This update will bring a number of changes including a refactored back-end a clean new user experience for the front-end. ?

Inevitably, this update will only be available through the WooCommerce Marketplace. If you have previously purchased WooCommerce Point of Sale through Envato, you will need to generate a new license with WooCommerce Marketplace. To do this, click here where you will be prompted to enter your purchase code, your Envato username associated with this purchase code and the email address you wish to assign the new license to in the WooCommerce Marketplace.

Once you have submitted the form, your email address will be passed on to a member of the team at the WooCommerce Marketplace, where they will assign a unique coupon code which will give you access to version 5.0 of Point of Sale for WooCommerce along with 12 months of free updates. To qualify for this coupon code, you will need to have had a support plan active on or after June 1st 2019.


Point of Sale for WooCommerce

In order to support this coherent user experience, some features have been dropped from 4.5.33. More details about this will follow in this blog; please subscribe to our newsletter as we will be informing you of our updates through this channel as well. 

We look forward to you enjoying the new 5.0 update. Thank you for your loyalty and support during this journey.